How does the program work?

  • Become a
    Smart Savings Rewards member
  • Total control from
    anywhere with a
    free kit
  • Get $20 after setup
    and $5 each time
    you fully participate in a
    temperature adjustment
  • Help your community
    and the environment

How do I get started?

Get a free smartAC kit
for your room AC

Use the smartAC equipment to control your room AC remotely from any smartphone or browser.

Participate in temperature
adjusment events

During an event your room AC will set to a slightly higher thermostat setting to reduce power usage.

Get rewarded
for your participation

Earn a $20 Amazon e-gift card after you enroll, plus $5 bill credits every time you fully participate in a temperature adjustment event.

Tips to stay cool this summer

  • Redecorate


    Getting blackout curtains for your room will keep the sun from overheating your home.

  • Clean your AC filter

    Clean your room AC filter

    Cleaning your room AC filter will keep it from working overtime when cooling off your home.

  • Insulate your AC

    Insulate your room AC

    Sealing all of the cracks and spaces around your room AC will prevent cool air from escaping.